Windows Update

State of Art

Our windows are designed to perform. We have carefully selected the best materials to make our windows stand above the competition in both aesthetics and the comfort and efficiency they bring to your home. 

Many factors contribute to our windows being energy efficient, including installation, low-e technology and construction.

 While our competition may tout their awards, we have the numbers to back our products. In this section, you can see our performance ratings and details regarding installation and options and how they affect performance. 

Installation & Performance

Sunrise windows and doors are manufactured to provide industry-leading performance and beauty, but should be installed by an experienced Sunrise installer to ensure they work properly. Windows and doors must be installed square and level, with a proper water barrier. They should also be correctly sealed, anchored and insulated properly to protect from water an air infiltration around the frame. 

Failure to install your windows and doors with all of these requirements will keep your windows from performing at their highest levels and giving you all the great benefits you desire.

Options & Performance

Decorative options can enhance the beauty and style of your home. Choosing the optimal low-e for your windows can improve both the comfort and the clarity of your windows. An additional thing to consider is how your decorative options may contribute the performance of you windows. Below is a list of options and how they may affect your window performance.

For more information on how decorative and other options can affect the performance of your windows, please see your Sunrise dealer.

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