Bathroom Remodel

Let us Build your Dream Bathroom

We will come in, measure & design your bathroom remodel, help you select the right materials to suit the look and budget you had in mind. We understand that this is a big purchase and want to ensure you're happy with the choices and decisions you make. 

We use a premium product called Onyx that includes , shower pans, walls, vanity tops and accessories. Onyx have a range of colors, styles amd finishes to meet your individual style and taste. 

Our  supplier Onyx guarantee: 

Our Onyx supplier guarantee:product we manufacture. It is a simple, clear guarantee, and everyone associated with our business understands it. If our product ever fails, we will either provide you with a new item or refund the cost. "Yes, Guaranteed Forever" says it all. Quality products, our guarantee, quick delivery, ease of installation, and low failure rate have made us legends in this industry.